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Thursday, July 23, 2009

somewhat rare and of u

get off the sky, sleep being clouds in the throat

500 hammers, 500 seas bent in the pants of u

his charms were strange

i use u like a dead man

with some loose device

i am but this, u cloud

this man, conversation

set to clouds

the music

shows up

the seizure equals a man of of music but blue sky me

if you're me, speak; see no clouds

who is felt somewhat rare and of u

lives falling out of your sky, who fell me

she is 50 the sky liked to cry

i am sorry, night; i am no longer falling

it's ok to fall, pour some hyphens

pour his sky, pour fell out of the world now


Mariana Soffer said...

Great poem I found it really honest and a little dark, that was probabbly the mood you where in when you wrote it or it is how you are

Donna Kuhn said...

thank you, probably all of the above and then some