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Friday, August 07, 2009

get up and not believe it

goat endurance restraint

try it unlocked in the power closet

tug her and u feel born
tug her and u cannot speak

u are a closet when your love door spreads how

he trusts me and u are were and i never felt true

and moved by me speak u ask it would not be

i ask my door for u uplift loss and u are yes

and your kiss felt like very not eyes

i have felt a man with any eyes
u are my power eye, u are that

get up and not believe it

speak and i have the night inspected there

i never felt moved by afternoon and goodbye did the door

unlock u and schedule love like an execution

go tell never that love spreads there

the dream washes her mistakes
your mistakes went out the door
unlock them again

power in my this and u were talking
and i hear like u were very, not slow
and thundered, u are his would be
tug her when you're speaking

u are u so down with me

tug her door, which door do u

skin the story for a wound

i never felt your door unlock

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