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Monday, November 02, 2009

i am emotionally stable, i am dead

u must enjoy sex and open to some kinky things
i prefer u anorexic, dog yeller, next stop heaven
if u understand i want it all, i am a groovy guy

i am emotionally stable, i am dead
i am unstable, i am crazed so drats
i am an entwined lover

i'm clean and long and thick
i love friday night, friday night
is coming to town

friday night is hungry
friday night loves to bowl
don't let friday night down

i have four geese and a crabby burro
no beer belly, no bald head
i'm bad at vacuuming house

love a mountain mama
between the age of 40
and the grave

i am exploring the healing arts
i have bought snowshoes on sale
i am good in bed and can make u muffins

i will trade u for massage
i hate civilization
are u fit, are u active

it takes two to tango
there won't be any beef
or gluten served

no drama, no baggage, no spam
i know u are are out there
real people only

i hate governments, shopping malls
cellphones, agriculture, indoor plumbing
industrial waste; i love fish and pebbles

porcupines and centipedes
i am looking for godly women
i don't like beets

i will help u find your keys
please be submissive
let's go for a ride

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