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Thursday, November 05, 2009

we are words that sound like sticks

i am stuff, a life of sticks

i have an impatient brain

a day brain, stop

the laughter, the lantern

it is a hat i will never see

i know i cant, my wealthy


hell, your art sings

tuning to me, in a few days

i am art, a camera

anyone who meant to destroy my face

the music is mine and i am scared

a tattooed lesbian moth

i can't dance in my face

the piano happens too much

the distance even that we cry

is too close; i need words that

are ordinary

we are braver or sound

i didn't start living in anguish

the phone smells too

slaps us out of me, yourself even

when we are born we are born

my favorite number is plants

you scare me too, i didn't mean

to shatter yourself even

the stars that we

ought to have made

an art hopefully we

we are born, we are music, the hat is mine

i need words that sound like i didnt start living

we are words that sound like sticks

the hat is plants, u scare me too

the stars are music, the lantern is too much

we are born in my face and the lantern is

too much

don't smell the stars

laughter never means

to shatter me

the start is too ordinary

your sound and the start

is too few

we are words that scare me too

your sound and the

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