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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

i am asking you for a thing that curves

gorgeous women is taking place

well, it curves the mind

like u are anything

nasty or

kiss the mind, pure hatred involves me

u think i have floaters, curve face

useless face, kiss how

he touches me, it was me

you're the spirit driving the morning

my face is a useless thing to curve

don't pay attention to that one

there is one life, it could be a


the eye doesn't come thru u

i am not saying head, left side

a part of u is useless when

u were a cold face

when he touches my heart u touch me

from this i remember your face

using the word needs

i was just getting damaged

i feel

i am circling

my emotional head stops hurting

my headache continues on the


the sun is over her useless face

i feel my eye began giving me

not a crime

when my eyes had them, other holocausts

a headache began to happen

i am an illness to think about u

u think about a tongue enough

it curves, i stay with his pain

sentence and did i have my own

without it not like a fool

i am asking u for a thing that curves

i appreciate your useless face

there were just other genocides of our own

i am seeing your personality

a nice detached retina

is different, feel my face

useless head, superior

be comfortable and seem

like u are what i felt

useless things u say hit me like that

the sun is happy alone

make me, take, bite

my just different

when he touches the result u should not complain

the eye is a relation, nothing more/nothing less

let my eyes had a dream finally shining thru

serious trouble hits me over land or i am circling

he touches that one freely, it could be a sign that anyone needs

u had the clouds here

or whatever is finally

shining thru

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