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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

back against through

poison me real, a final away

12 step in, i can get u very low

yes and i wrote myself

i can get u anymore

money is an excerpt that killed the beautiful

or dignity still takes pills, the happy morning

killed my money

the jam of solution, because u are my

dear sister and lonely, i wonder why

we got back against through

it has broken every woman to leave

i wish for u to scare me, everything

seems like the november team

is trying, all u were

writing to the end of love with her

fears me up with her life; kick

spread her birthday

every argument is death

the veins, i won't; an excerpt

of her and me back against it

my instinct is real and the soup

is boiling

donna kuhn/dirk vekemans (cut-up e-mails)

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