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Friday, March 12, 2010

it is more than that

it binds that, it fettered that, i am right like that, he connected that

he has a grip on it; i can blow your matter better than that

i walked thru saran wrap and staples to find u

i probably burn right thru u like that

lying beside me it is more than that

my house is on my chin

my chin is stapled

my chin and my

rice are falling

the valley is falling

i have staples u never knew

u are my chin

who is the scar and the person in my jaw and my united states

u have not informed the measles not to roast

my dark horse is useless

my dark horse is volatile

dark horse with her word

dark horse, u by twilight


phaneronoemikon said...

nice one donna!

Donna Kuhn said...

thanks, lanny!