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Thursday, March 18, 2010

i am not an asshole; are u there?

i have a shitty home and shitty cars along with a shitty job

i feel 90 but look 26 years old

i am searching for that needle in a haystack

i would like to meet a potential princess

let's get the words flowing

i enjoy pleasing my lady friends

and leave them limp as a wet noodle

hello my name is brance

enjoy me pampering u with butterfly kisses

i do like to lick, i am looking for a fun women

if you're a bot don't even bother me

i love to play darts, i hope u make your own pizza

i am not no bot, i am not an asshole; are u there?

i'm looking to get all tangled up

someone once told me that i was in the top 10% of all people on the planet

i appreciate a good heelclick

let's chill on the couch and veg some

i've lately gotten into adult breastfeeding

i want to be your sex doll

i aint no sucker, i work hard/play hard

so let's grab some fu fu coffee

i am looking for a refrigerator

all i want to do is make a women happy

i am tired of women not liking to find out i play world of warcraft

bible is a must, platonic is fine

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