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Friday, March 19, 2010

please don't look like a pear

i want to have a family this weekend

u look like u fell off the ugly tree and

got hit by every branch on the way


i make my own music and have no cavities

i listen to man man, i like to dress up in

women's clothing from time to time

my penis has a life, i will share, i love adult beverages

i kind of have emo hair, i like ear lobes, i am looking

for a cool lady to blow clouds with; please don't look

like a pear

there are just so many hot words beginning with the letter D

i will squeeze your throat and smack u; anyone up for going

out with a loser? i'm a bit sickly too

i am a dog daycare attendant: do u want to make out with me?

i can be almost as good as a boyfriend, i go pop pop in the attic

i am smart fanny, let's get married in 30 days; i have a full set of hair

i had a bad day today; i will squeeze a family out of your intimate area

i am a zombie, i am a branch; have u ever gotten hit by me?

if i had a choice i'd be either a viking or a zombie

if you're not ready to be roughly used and defiled

in person then go away

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