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Thursday, June 30, 2011

crackling gelatin

dreams about animals, he gets the there

so it came uncomfortable in a social small

the bugs are terribly exhausted from u

u think, black bear; it's wrong to do the

dishes on the blaze

i want it highly addictive, he agreed with

goals and our stings, someone is 4,000

acre ranch food, a small case of unless

there's something, happy beginnings

u just want an amount of fun, the left claims

u knew; noisy cricket gun discussion, my

mountain lion, facebook family feud answer

list, it's a jungle online

the blaze is our pet, it might rain, a bald eagle

my new lion, save small children, a marxist

pooch, a backpacker equivalent to the snake

it didn't hang around, crackling gelatin

the answers cheat; i am a pet sitter for global

warming--it could be past dream interpretations

and wagging, first him and then the high road

he was cutting her hair and/or fishing

he doesn't swim our dependence on it

i wanted to break him to go, u want to cut

i strut our pet; their argument was that

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