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Friday, July 01, 2011

smoke, crickets, a hole in my heart

i dream you're not dead anymore like i have before
you're sleeping on the living room floor: then i wake
up; smoke, crickets, a hole in my heart.

dead leaves and the queen, she is dark
on her living; u are ruined like degrees
almost poetic

i am sleeping and i want more and i am not ending
drawing an iris on madonna's liver now that you're
across the floor; i wake to wake up

i wake up yearning and i have books and i had it
u put your lit me up dark shadow on the dead in
dwarf quotes

these moments and this movie comes, so many things
buried in the love; i wake up and there is no never
smelled a place to turn; first she is surprised i have
crickets in the night and i interest u and u whined
into the palace; throw away this beautiful
geranium brain

smell the also when u wake up with my hole in my
innocent australia, i wake up in the green grass
most in my heart, then in my heart, human body
parts out; ah la, the world is yours and i wake
up and i have married my biggest living room

u know deep into before, your sleeping dreams lurching
from ethnic sleeping, a baby day and then i'll roll awake
you've got no similar red big ball, my not dead anymore
heart, not dead anymore secret, stay low as i like

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