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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

this is the way to munch

because she had a song

snake, snakely one

this goes without saying

she said little

i will kill your soul or travel that day

oh u virus head, u one hit wonder

don't go blowing your idioms

u are missing the point

i woke up and i knew how to sleep

i am very chinese

i am a spider on the wall

i am a wiki quote

a ragga cat etc.

a strawberry shortcake machine

when i died it was in rows

i am concerned with your travel plans

and your horror flicks, bursts of thunder

a million galaxies: sun, moon, stars

i steal ohio when the nites go to hell

i didn't steal your band in seven cities of water

and primate behavior; come in, china wonders

it was a tv song and it was sincere

there's no escaping your gun

ed woke up and his job was


u are wasting words in rows

i have a poor enough excuse to

belittle this and dye your ear

this is the way to munch

father, the universe says it is outside the sun

and i haven't been paid 22 mountains and a

final yield

i don't want to steal your band and your 11 poets and

your blog of water and primate guns but i've paid the

universe with three million unborn baby's ears

the walls sue the exits and can

someone tell me if elvis is the

sun and questions in new jersey

when i died i was sarcastic

prophets, priests and foo

legal whatever, your questions

your travel, your lightning

forgive me a churchyard

come with your anti cloud

your blog of stars between her paid light

this cloud

wasting words in rows

your mind is primate behavior

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