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Monday, December 05, 2011

anybody knows

the holidays are in the garage, listen

u call at 5 am to tell me you're a method

actor; u are the most envied man in taiwan

u are a baby doll, a person i love

nakedness and drawing, i can't


then there's an office called anybody knows

u can act like u can prevent women to love you

my travels with foster siblings and the fat splitting up

u travel like a man and u are a gift to owls

investigation juice; u can stay here and love

thy bald freak, act like cinema, u are a very

pretty girl

u are the ultimate spider man

u are feminist goo seeing an

eccentric tomato salad

obviously there is a broken escalator

i am a big 5 trait eye, i look like tv and i am viral

this room dreams i am an amazing nail; we can

get a pool and a bone host

p.s. i am a celebrity twit

half naked women are much about bone

1 comment:

Jim K. said...

love this...
insinuational semi-sense...
very tasty

sorry i didn't stop by before..
i'm skipping off the links of
richard lopez...

peaceful existentials to you
and a swift recovery from december