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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

don't u love to bleed

i am minute cities
i am a function brick
i know u are dear
and i am a 

i am a country character asleep
caroline is silver and sleeps 
nothing like this chestnut

people are metres of permission
oh, it’s still in the morning 
and i am bitten and california
is snorkeling 

i give u my curved and fuzzy grandma
don’t go broke or dance; i am red here
wherever i look

the flower is near everywhere
but dance lyrics go into little
buildings and they don’t have
experiences anymore

they go to stone and the tree
dances me and i’ll stand all
grey and aware girls love a 
long thing to marry and eyes

i was broke in want and i see live flowers
girls aren’t pink in countries or monuments
or life and i ain’t talking either

i’m like don’t u love to bleed
your internet danced and
your legs danced

i am a pink liberation dance and space
is called for; morning is ecstatic and

light went looking in the streets

i don’t feel quiet

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