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Monday, June 26, 2017


u are not in san francisco
and u are not like a cricket
or a novel

i say work it, i say carry it
i’m not interested in
someone’s decision

u do what u want and u
are mementos; u are 
like cosby and i am

i don’t listen to myself
the colors of don’t know
it’s like a tour of torment

u are mementos and the rave is over
why don’t u start an association?

she is the dream and the hat
the orchestra talks about the
orchestra and whether u barge

i have big t-shirts and i graduate
because i am nice; i carry it because
i am white and i am white and i pass
for white

take over this gospel, white container
watch out; u are practically a rapist
and i watch out

u wave like u are a thigh
u are not san francisco
and u are not a crime
or a nuisance

the order of the government
and the things nobody talks 

i see myself and u are the water
and the water is a thief; u are a
watch and a thesis

it’s like a touch that torments us
i can’t rescue her; she is an
assignment and i am a film
and a gown

a vitamin for an orange god
he is a tablet and he is golf
he is a white consumer

cities live like him and it’s
wartime out there and i am

if u die i see my mouth
u are no longer opposition
to torment; wartime is

she is the harbor and the drama
he is a consultation; citizens
who live like him; that’s what
this civilization is about

u are practically a rapist
and i am a warrior a vision 
where the opposite talks 
about the opposite of

i have a big shoulder
and i am an asset
i am a big shot and
happiness is this

she is a dragon and the govt.
hospital is nice; she is a warrant
and the happiness of happiness

if u are really a hotel i die
when i see my mountain
the warning is like theatre
and u are a circuit and a

i can republican her and i am not very nice
the tooth is a virgin an opinion talks about
i carry it like someone’s death; i carry it
like a dozen assertions

i am the handicap of the handicap
this constitution is white; she is down
and lives like someone who thanks u
u lash out at your tools

u are the texture of a warehouse
u are an assault and the horizon
is nice; i carry it like a doubt

u are like a cow of nonsense
and i am someone’s dealer
cigarettes live like textiles
it’s like tongues that torment

u are a ward of the text
churches who live like text
he is a symbol, he is a 
glimpse ofthe war out there
the hammer of a hammer

how can i get some privilege around here?
he is an exile and a classification; i am a 
fiber artist, i am opening talks

i am a goat and i have honor
i carry it like someone’s
deadline; i carry it like ash
he is a sword and i carry it
like glass

u are a fever in the doorway
and she is the door; i carry it
like someone’s daylight

that is what this artist is about

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