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Friday, August 18, 2017

i forgot to turn off your hair

i sing about 92 things
i realize the face of your

this adobe is a house
and that thing you’re on
is a train

i am only passing through

i’m a stranger now and i
have cities that are sorry

i give everything back to u

the door is in half 
and i know cities 
like a toddler

u broke the train and i’m on my way
i want to go like a human; i go away
to forget

i go through the snow in a train
everyone will be without

i forgot to turn off your hair

u go through my purse
u go like an egg

i have a back pass

i know a girl partially
u will go and be

my baby laughs and the toddler falls
and there is the house and the suitcase

and all i leave is strange but i will, i will

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