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Monday, October 24, 2005



i'll look for u horizontally in the mountains
its a long reach to the sea
when u reach the citys papers
the incision, the beret

my long music in the desert, be in there
with your gown, with your pockets
jesus christ flies off with his words

in the seamstress hair, she tumbles in the zoo
he acts like a forefinger with his timber music
a righteous thing

commerce the horizon in your pockets

retractable gangster theology
u sound like u come to any

landscape venomous
she saves your pocket cubes

fire like a needle like a domniplex
theology takes, it'll be there pristine

i'll look for u in grandfathers economy
i've been this courteous before

it doesnt take the town, your hands
are looking for someone, u'll be steroids
i buried my son

when i wasnt looking, comes
and u were venomous, youre mad
and u take shakespeares fire, take me there

shakespeare sends u air with your paper gangster hands

forefinger mind cubes in your stems
dont mind some birds are like youre mad

in your stepsisters process
seamstress u economy she devours

when lulu needed the trees

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