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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fish Bird, by Donna and Lena Kuhn


girl friday habitual, not tired, lively
cool and friendly not hostile
said of wind, not salt said of water

because of melting snow
sudden beginner, terrible
to gnaw, wear or rub

sexually any of the ridges
said of woman on the fingerboard
frigidly of banjo

fret the polar circles and poles
cheap gaudy brother of frisbee
a member of certain religious

cookie jars, cut up and fry meat
such a disk cut into pieces
and stewed

a thick pile of friction loops
touch the netherlands on friday
frisk a manic goddess

the sixth day to frolic, to search
become very cold to be damaged
political liberty killed by cold

a free spender, frank
arbitrary power freeze out
to become covered with freeness

dry as a theater ticket
freed from slavery, making ice cream
a parachutist in fremont

disorganized french people
actor made of vinegar
to become covered with ice

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