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Sunday, October 23, 2005



desire the shape of the single-edge of awful
unpleasant baa, chatter back to someone
and reply with the rump

make holes in the leather back of a pig
something leaves the fish sun on that holds

the hair in place, one person is moody

monopoly of moose
temporary warning in the wind
roadside morning

conservative pieces of united con/science

consistency a mature snug
to name crustaceans milk
without the act of the face

closely cold countess, wife of the skull
turn a creep, the land of increasing

tropical reptiles in the moon curve
face danger mountain moon

sword of awe, talk for a short babble

senselessly work an infant, monkey family
baby, the line around a bachelor, related
to bacteria, maid in india, banjo, bank bulge

bassinet feast a tree, a structure strike
continuously; moon, the earths only morphine

wings pause, human or animals, small green monkey

a sexual relationship with paper
thrown in the blood, a female craze
a lawyer warm and completely folding

or pressing a crime, imitate or copy
tart red berries, unit, count crank

a device to a shaft, slow pace, gradually volcano crescent

desire the shape of
without courage
fear craving an intense.

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