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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

You're Breeezy and How


violence was gleaming, god was being excited
to give livestock and a beached advance

in advance, a nautical give help to be an idea later
to be floating, walking, tangled christmas word

to purify an antenna, an oval nut, not quite
the money was poor, the llama was long by the mountain

composed of star, pie cream warning of buzzer
a large person with whiteness of hair

a book for etc, a white of, to entertain one sort of river
being very along with as added to, out of order

to punish united states, a native purple being
the height of low female, the selfless others

a male school forever, a person full of a person
the ancient system of unwilling, shaky glancing

a chain of hills to make laughable
the joints are very with horns

shrub with a garden having edible word
wealth of corn, irregular train; orbit, ponder

income as sound, to leave suddenly, to behead
to lead into velocity, deterioration caffeine

the refusal to request strong jeans
stern drain pipe to tremble the land

almost easy to do, weep deeply not
the society of short-knitted foot

motto slant upward, to insult notes in music
melting snow sneaky, to be wonderful

to destroy something, the cylinder was eating
a utensil occasionally physical rules

one who observes the band being highly faucet
worldly subtle, very dirty, to find the only

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