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Friday, October 28, 2005



cats can be the shape of iron
fatigue is an extreme face
a cap is silly to reduce fever

a boat for the foolish

to make weakness productive
pertaining to female warmth

felt hat feminism
tough grass
fed up


to be low marshy danger
the boundary flowers
to go after
and return with feasible
covering of birds

featherweight happiness
prevent in escape

⁃ the heavens from a fire blemish
⁃ to wince from the sky
⁃ flawless to be pain
⁃ first, to be a/head of flamingo
⁃ defect fling
⁃ toss all others wading bird
⁃ throw first aid
⁃ linseed oil suddenly fish
⁃ wool fabric flirt
⁃ to make suspicious

the 1920's
used good overtures
2. 1.a woman fishy, suspicious
3. to blaze with fleck
4. a narrow flare-up
A. sudden bird water
B. a crack in a rock outburst
C. to burst into fleece

• the wool animals
• hand bright fire
• covering a sheep floe
a large mass of health
competent flashback
a number of flog
beat hard with past events
ship a whip
a tissue of the flood

an overflow of numbers
equal to 4+1
tastelessly floodlight
artificial light fixation
to contract a flop

bendable flop house
run down flag

hotel country

flatter flick
computer data intestines
unsteadily flora

flatware eating a specific region
notorious evil utensils take flight

flower flak
covered with fire flowers
distinctive flim-flam

a seller of surface taste
hoax flame

defect or taste between teeth

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