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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Looking Out


when u look like a support catalogue, take away the table
let down the hollow ware, soak the wordless intake

brad had a thumbtack to take on, seizure is mangy
undiplomatic grip, clumsy tweezers, polliwog take

procure verse rump, take the tailor, pounce the maker
gate oneself, the spokesman impressed a mouthpiece

conversationalist wrench, bleed table, drawl removal
trap a chant, harp on a tattler, his genius was in a buttonhole

harangue ability, jaw hint, chit chat burble, the conference improvised
parley panel whisper, teary teeth weeping, milk teeth, buckteeth

teasing abstinence, hector thought about transference
spirit technical, occupational trance, the boredom was poky

a phone abounds, reel for information, tenth cashier
bad clingy, keep within reason, emotions tend to

take care of your mind, biased temple liking the tempo
for the moment, softhearted pity, unstring the ordeal

wigwam empiricism, lukewarm true-false test
oral test, orals, rabbit test, dick test, man test

make a word run, quiz terrace, throw out the lawn
a feeler, send up a pilot, feel the pulse, see how

the building lands, probational world, panic testament
yardstick ovation, acid test, severe test, baptism of fire.

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