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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Inventing Fluid


want to drop a slanted little legato in your naive cube?
warn a lima cloud, horse eyelid, keep a wheel, lima bean

on the seacoast with the same practically, the paper sun is acute
green again, escape a flower with a removable cover, falsehoods

warn a lima the job is hot, your face a responsible stewardess
radioactive water guides, the floor is sauve with its illegal marriage

the rodent is green on tv's hot ecstasy faucets
salad of a flower, rodent of lentils

fabric is an acute ray, the sun is fuel, the fuel
stewardess, dark liar of licorice

long candy of falsehoods, waterbug danger
your birds are leaving, depicted by a drawing

horses feel hunched with nothing
the seacoast is along the shore

the dishwasher feels green
the sun is the loyalty

edible ships run rampant with large bough bending the thinking
a tough cloud understands, anorexic tofu soul, acute corduroy

lift-off, take-off, feel the stewardess tree as gentle escape
in your hunched hands, linger, citrus lineman, tranquil sulfur

the tv was dark and lefthanded

the beret sky, wiley headlights of libido to make texas silence
complete the summer, licensed seriousness, silence of the liar

boxer hat tree bending the shore, return your fraction of lifetime
that is your suave illegal terrace, the queen is mild

the moon is a trembling marriage
a person becomes a person when the water trembles

liberty is indecent, the sky was rodent green
daddy is a mineral, i service your hands

captain on a tree, an escape for europe is used
your face is slipping, your face is slipping of thinking

a tough coo profound in texas
whisper like a shore

donna kuhn 2005

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