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Friday, January 13, 2006

Got to Be Human


your teeth are a favor from allah
i remember u are the o sustainer
what u grind youre sick

u are in a state of snowflakes
they form crystals of your breathing

its just like an incision is a boomerang

it likes to corn and its mercy

i am hearing your eyes but you
clearly its your greatest face

mercy ha or teeth
gulls vacuum your face
youre exhausted wiht no captain

mercy is not hit
mercy is young with wild saliva

hot horse gloves
if its true one must ask

the moon collapses and my ear is not strained
mercy is your range playground

i am a bee arm twang
my experimental wings had a cold
what shuts me up

youre in blue fruit with your green thoughts in the poker room

failure is a loop text
youre a cow skipping in surprising calm

the freaks soften in your socks
the news and the world is based on sleeping

your primitive face is this?

sleep into the music
mercy is to be shaken on friday

its inexcusable youre not from bombay
equity is in my hands

dont bother sleeping

feel the meteor porcupine potholder
and dial in your heart cool somewhere
mercy is out

mercy is at the airport
bomb an adult unable to care
youre falling in love, stay home

mercy leaves america
im only a stunned american
in a christian relief state

the other cattle are sorry
bruxism is the body of all of us
your eyes are great but bite down

mercy is in y our teeth
mercy is a fish
sink your teeth into mercy

you cats are dripping

o your lizard river
you are the punishment
i have your hills twisting and spinning

mercy is a digital cartoon
tv is flopping in and out of perfection
verbs were in your ear

hide them in the sink
youre my teeth guard
no longer are your teeth

commute sorrow
mercy is in japan

a queen of googlism rapids
cracking your enamel tv screen
christians in adult socks

tell yourself you'll run your hand across music
mercy is concerned its cut off from the poison
snow is turning at the great green counter of god

mercy, u have it, it is to buy
mother is shaving your onion

donna kuhn 2005

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