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Saturday, January 14, 2006

When Your Eyes Snow


o elizabeth was an orphan and her fictions were charred and arbitrary
not orphans of birds at hitlers feet, our machine cars bit cigars

the coal is proud and spams my mail sockets
watch the offended and swaddling blinking bird

hand painted art has slanderous hands
bird insect a lazy asshole
fish and hear your mind

misanthropic boring cherubs
the foot with the new lantern

trumpet brain, never ending mule-socks
twilight is mean, 10 birds mending berries

wrong canvas music, bird is here
hand more rabbits to childhoods chicken cherubs

humanity heaves and munches a square
never-ending dugong cabinet

lazy skeletons, fascination, hell lace
orphan lanterns, paper throws the genius water

chicken bit thru empty berries like birds paper asshole

bloody eye munching ekphrastic spam
ears are hand painted for hitlers canvas

your foot is red and feels coal skeletons
mother is talking with the humans

boring insect face
hitler is in rows

he is a giant and he tied our skis

little eye music scolded my stubbed morning

childhoods chains are one

carthapian fig-muscled berry lines
find your text cigars said the spam gravies

beardless and tired of fan mail

wolfskin bird, mail your childhood a bone
morning morning sleeping disturbingly

take your vendors non-existence
your arbitrary mind

somewhere the mountains wrestle your eye berries

humanity, well, the breaks be hell

i hear youre finding humans in the cabinet
bad policy ceramic, get fish chains

not published beardless pages of twilight music
face the lace heave brain, dragging berries bird
get of giant and

Donna Kuhn/Lanny Quarles

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