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Friday, February 24, 2006

Another Universe


send the cloud, youre getting nowhere
as harmless as a vicious lemon vet

the weasels with the eagle pumpkin effect
sick moon, enough mysterious cabbage

i would suggest a raft
the sea is an onion
auchwitz hisses
like a baby horsey

maybe this is part of your auchwitz
doesnt auchwitz surround the smoke

youre aerobic and u love your country

the department of dunes has a chance to be blue

my ankle breathes like cabbage
you find my gargoyle

the mountain of housing cooks the moon

cant u say no oven death and water your oatmeal treasures

i've sprained my eye with grapefruit rinds
clear sky hand, the eagles of the united states
youre a cloud over civilization

the housing goes home
stans shampoo doesnt live
in the sunsets again
direct your quacked cloud

youre whining like u arent watered

i've been the moon when the flatirons hurried

myrtle is a wet raisin chasing dolphin cookies
did u collect your cloud? the moon takes
my alligator, rex, sparkles with the pharmacist
dont forget your eye orders acorns
inside the mountains, gallons of blood
raise stan, stan is monopolized

this woman sparkled like white gold
is afraid of his lawnchair

at least his jelly is like wet mushrooms
this sends the relaxation to u
agatha uses your eye girdle
to roll blackbirds and cling to
a liitle cloud that's like housing

u are almost poking broccoli in a sour heart
purple strawberries in a nicotine cloud
youre a cloud idiot

it makes this sour heart
many blondes are good
for your sparkling humidifier

you sell birds, the apartment is a mushroom

your hand sends oxygen to be a cloud

encounters bite the map
shakes la blue girl a fear
of curving cow dislocation

the mist was starved for ducks migrating like rodents
prunes, pineapple, truckload of bone

its non-effect howls like a bone

the mindreader orders teeth

the foot of oxygen sends out part of the hat on a raft to growl

auchwitz bends, im standing on fruit

your eye has jelly at the bus stop

your eye is like a victory

your oh rain house went looking for relief

the fruit and the wet bones stir

the cow tightens the housing which has a hat

i'm not mother slurp
eagles breathe mysterious cloud
the apartment begins with the mountain
the part of your sweet eyes hissed

donna kuhn 2006

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Anonymous said...

.......I don't really get it... what does it all mean? it seems to deep for me to grasp.