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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

While I Shrink (collab altered book with Amy Trussell)


the hostess is tired, stab that kind of eye garbage
your mama is a damaged acorn cage
love your palpitation canvas

your eyelid of martha
your sinuses like it when the rain opens;

he is shaving the purple snow
purple flatiron cartoon
the dark condition of the sweater

worm red moon shake the star at me
observe a red train in the christian rain
drink your notebook and maps of boiling laundry

green food baby moon
i like the weather when mountains
are lost cartoons

chinas tutu agitates the light
my train is outside
the snow is mean

chinas tutu eye is a month in your sarcastic heart
be quiet, the damage is on fire
repair your furnace, inhale the sky

outside the kind eye of mother
purple pollution over china
the cloud growls

the president is a biscuit and the jail hates people
tell the dunes to come in
the snow wants his song

my room walks in
your horse is a dark thing in the river
too much that waits for the train

sunlight feels the victory without the strange rain
the carpet dreams how much
drink your fog, the acorn sunlight

donna kuhn 2006

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