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Friday, February 17, 2006

Cow Duck Girl Was Upset (for Lena)


at first, dear heart, i am in the west
the moon is a parasite
sand your horse my way

natural wiggly worm sex
im an old piece of head aching
like an eskimos footprint
speaks to a dog

im a bible beater
i wont hate u at your station
papering their skunks and run it to the moon

u didnt ask if im working on the surpluses
cry underwater, the man with sweet adhesive village
going off to human needlewoman

the blackbirds in my voices, warn his rags
one more guitar face u royalize
im not your trendiness

whack the plough
caveman with wedlock skunks
are sweet in the slang of mind

the moon is an illegal napkin
it already holds the west
im still an online dog

little hop and squint, im a baby doornail
the bands and the dudes are dead

your neck haystack serves beautiful for the reality man plays golf
fabric screwdrivers of flirt baby grimace

anything is illegal
your new brain, the selection kite
bulgarian leaf
the tar bird said that

my convertible dances in boiling snow
it works my 900 building
im already anything subdued

they say fire
the tree was a fool
she went for skin

like a stolen beach of blue opinion

im tired of holding the west for u

now we are at picnic tables
the skunks in the plough adhesive

donna kuhn 2006

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