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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sinking Eyes


sad blondes dont go home
stan shampoos his lawnchair
get the hill, the mangled carpeting

the queen of densely lovefog girdle
agatha goes to work, the sunlight
is monopolized

iron the light which our moon could be
u are printing your acorns like a victory

pile your eye girdle
roll the mountain
the department is smoking

your shampoo bites its map
shakes the sun
your room is a raisin

raisin is a relief star
stans opportunities quacked

your eye orders acorn engines
the sea is a dune to no oven death, why
the department of blackbirds clings to something

your gargoyle is wide
u airbrush jesus

the eagles are chasing the sunsets again
direct your oh rain in the total sky

the eye is mysterious cabbage
your power girdle is in the way
obtain milk, order teeth

my mountain wants to see
my chance is blue
he's on a raft
the flatirons hurried

myrtle is the end of u
stewardess flowers werent watered
your oatmeal treasures something

an asteroid forgets to growl

a rag for the president in the acorn cage

sick moon, enough asteriod illness

donna kuhn 2006

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