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Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm Ready to Go (collab with Amy Trussell)


the toads trembled in the primed boatyard
actual blubber vixen rags were electrical
pray that the moment investigates

the wall opens

each one is a symphony
the artist draws in the dark
the dog education was balmily sad

the moon is with any moon
dark london becomes a mongoose

contaminated mongoose in the snow
goodbye starfish, youre cooked

he wants my dark beetle
buttercups and measles

the moon is your horseshoe

theodore was frozen
a symphony was frozen
tune the symphony

sweet baby girdle
my hill stirs but will not move
browbeaten ox blubber

nobodys airport is a cherry
old wrestler, opera triangles
giraffes on the sea

donna kuhn 2006

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