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Wednesday, May 24, 2006



by the paragraph of this small bean funnel
felt by ocean and of baleens
the fins were gone

pig iron moon by this of course
its mountains underground
shovel the labels of the cough

any pioneer who mentioned beforehand
crustacean moon and blisters of laughter
this rejected something

bean, the ocean stops
stencils, seeming pineapple
your equipment hardens

its refused by suburb fur
fur of bean aborts
christian pineapple withdrawal

strongly on paper
hunger in a world
which differentiates

mammals should understand that
rich ocean face swastika which is dead
last word of fabric cloud

sexploitation corporation
people require it, it requires
the bank of summer

which survives smoked green desire
of the head office, the fish gravel putting
ions of the cry

its 2:00, crab; sales of the whale
blowing biscuit crustacean
the moon blisters

something repudiated, egg bearing that
something nice, something bean
fur of bean rupture

hairy undulations of nightdress
last cry of fabric cloud
shake the sales of whale

donna kuhn 2006

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