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Friday, May 26, 2006

How Could You?


your hands are filling out and barking excursions

sandpaper sun

eye caterpillars, puff your bone of bones
nothing without police cucumberness
stare at the bone of dog
do not achieve

blue is nothing
im sand
your sunglasses are eye bones of the ocean
rainforest damage them
share my embroidery with cucumber meat
breath kite of lice

your eyes are breeders behind payment
icy sunglass god

blue fits a hill
meat is nothing

dragon carpeting his injury

who is back barking in excess

mosque space deaf behind your hill

blue lives behind blue

icy crane meat realize u freeze and divide
wind lizards with a bone
eye of the eye

ice skate in my rig or that

blue breath behind the sun

attach your eyes to the mountain of my meat

dried behind a cone cone

freedom swims
a boy is tedious with love

marine hill him

she's a doorbell

attach your god
lengthy hill of dog liver
cool down, love stuff

you flout the tongue cascade

blue glass of your permit heart in regulations

meat drilling a full breath

donna kuhn 2006

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