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Saturday, May 27, 2006



baby, you're the internet, do not dig my wing
im the coconut for him, the piercing cries
not my overlapping squeaking soon completely

a woman is a fine eye expert of your crying

a wild scene used for shit that may not be my mental interpreters
of my darkness, insane raspberry likes the same car, dig it

wouldn't you agree america has the nature

a woman's behavior needs my baby

exactly, distribute with us, north coconut shells
well, its not your hands
it's my handy not this

scream fire in the religously shit

youre the dawn of love
the rainy woman likes it when
my fire interactive nut

your eye your baby runs housing
the time you thought hands on the sheet
in who rain, she modify my walnut

see you and you're crying rain, it's practical
time dont dig nut

taste your afternoon like inside your afternoon leaf
you're away, it's not yours
you be heart

my arm silence, basic rain not a rain
get subterranean silence

not a lunatic, the hand, hand her fine internet those dusk

calm woman be me
my darkness blue-bed, leave of eye people

limped in kinky boots

blue-dark the you eye

your fire wont mind
be fire, have timidly transparent eyes
everyone's peace, your scene creaked

not a woodcarver
people in the multi-rain

twilight likes not exactly squeaking large dementia
shoot my red warning

superimposed afternoon

coconut instruction wind

would u just realize the time

donna kuhn 2006

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