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Monday, May 29, 2006

Not As Harsh As This


smoke a cartoon mountain
the backbone of gods soup brain

rent the brain which you speak of
the paper queen is full

a scab of the river which is for the sake of is
toot the star, the can of aviation meat

it removes the hand where our whale meat is
depending on that lightbulb, the mountain is
a quantitative thing when sewn

god and the rainbow soup believes
scream in the road grass

toot of god, skin of skin
gods green cry

lease the baby of existence
green does not stoop the brain meat
where i am old

the star is raspy with hat happiness
dead crew laughing in position

april is brain rent, canine queen
king wheel horse perspires
the crew is colorblind

the loudspeaker comes with canned food
easy skin core, queen auchwitz butterfly eyelid
queen pudding, orange bird month

not to be too easy, the situation shines
gods loudspeaker eyelid screams

skin device, direct communication sob
the city the baby rents, it forms these skins

firewood skin, likely pole meat
feeling the word which tallies with green skin
a question is not a dried star

a group of meat, aviation food
the horse wheel perspires

the queen is required not to have meat mouth
the month is out of the box, easy skin

the plane has just traveled out of the jet situation
it withdraws our fish, the whale which is flesh
is in a paramount way, the legal emperor

rise raw, decide with this mountain
god beileves soup of rainbow, bleach the grass
god is animated skin, animated drawing

the device of skin, these skins of horse feelings
probable pope meat, i position my god
the brain is opened, it's perfect for you to say

with your thoughts you are radioactive
the quality of the bird itself rotated
the lid of the butterfly a joke for the queen

not to be too simply, to state the fact
the pear of flashlight windows sutured
chloride on the grass feeds the soil

german meat cash is thin
it has red high-red skins
each lid of television is healthy

the stairway is the same as jean cubes
index the sales of the foot

rent a brain perfect for you
your lively lively illustration
smokes pens

queen boy, horses south
aeronautical meat food
life inside a simple nucleus

the queen orders too much
protecting protection
smile mouth on the left

donna kuhn 2006

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