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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Could Be In L.A. Right Now


does the eyeball fall in its purr of bump a silent sound
the word stomach of its socket?

what a camper
the baby which means won't
the baby cares
stomach the song

nagasaki in christ's not winter
the wolf hums
king woman, am i your kind?
where i'm at
baked to me, i want it realistically
who's its baby
of many waters

who is australia

i wont say as for a branch

im tinkerbell
havana doesnt move her

cook with a chair
show havana the sea

your eyeball falls out and u walk in your violated war

i'm the woman who beheads and bakes your name

this is a newspaper

permit juicy reality

rabbit baby, the word is not your beatch

morning is a process of war
i daydream while i'm baking u

bundles of eons eke, i can't run

the love is super active
i'm not an eye
osmatic deaning the pancake

i'm transport
i have the hasty truth

my chair is a christian situation

like the cow of music

i have scurvy love
it sticks to me

your head landlord points to a star
it's a necessity

something something takes me there

donna kuhn 2006

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