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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Limping Moon


wind vulture, never flaky
never in the rain

wind speed, his head had been bold sound
in any situation, forget

my pages are in the darkness
fender breakdown
aunt, my head is you
arguing with a dog
not curving in the rain

wind in, treat it
contact the skull

not easy for your eye but it was never brittle

aunt gonda vintage eagle
the willow bends
forget the pelican
maybe the wind means

this and bad faith
humans are ordered to scream
the rain does not know
u can be gessoed and raining
half a year directs my rain
an eye like long black nutrition
she stops the faith romp

fat landslide, canada
tooth, bone, claw
i have never managed gessoed speech
im u, i have known under the eye of u
hear the rain
blue son is rain being broken
it does the rain to open your soft trunk

a type of rectangle velocity

sound for not circling

your eye was the skin

pterodactyl so many times

blue u dont know the accessory
the wind for my toy of black food

the rain falling be broken open

man without qualities
tough me

a person gives what was the skin

it's not so bad
he not knowing
she dates being the rain

donna kuhn 2006

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