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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At Least Me


she only cares if she can lose u
u think of space as a hearing problem
because u want utah

think of mother in space dying too
my pants are on a holiday there
she always says u can lose a little more

u won't listen to my bad stick
your latin rocking chair
can't bear anymore death

u are different than wool
a tree structure is a trembling chair
it's different from the garden

i have pancreatic cancer in utah
why would u want to hear a little more
it's beautiful because it's lost

i don't find it red for her
u are dying gardens
speak to the orderly river

i don't find it pancreatic
u can't hear it's beautiful, it's lost
it's beautiful, it's destroyed

the woman curls a hearing problem
the woman curls a clean thing
because u can always lose a garden

u can't hear me
keep accompanying me
u who have lost everything

it probably destroys u to follow me in the garden
pretty soon they will staple someone's stomach
pretty soon they will talk about what to do with my father

lena has a garden, everything can produce the trembling chair
why would u want to, nothing is very empty, there's lots of space
in a garden; u hear me, why do u like to be small?

donna kuhn 2006

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