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Friday, August 25, 2006

Cat Face (with Lena Kuhn)


the abortion was portable

pierce your spaceship paws

yell at your car, the rain comes home
banjo canvas clinic, the parents are the baby

my wife returns with a spotlight

god's awl
baby gets candy
its a very raw place

robots call the freeway noise in the sun
i live at 2 starbucks

your hedonist is downtown
walmart orchard biker
tilt your foam in my ocean

god loves a tidy chestnut

a cat has wings
your green arm walks

my yonder seems like u dont

love looks like she's gone

outside i want u under my heart

baby, you're a mess

the bed wants time

got an uproar
the banjo slept like a party
call it a dress?
what tilts?

the number anorexic, raw spendthrift

donna kuhn 2006

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