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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grimace Girl (digital painting)


mental rain, that was rain in its toothpick
in u, u are with me, who is your pink sled?
your pink sled is crazy, in your ear
yeah, loving you, take my mare
one zebra, the sea on the moon
its a pixle while im hating the characteristic cookie
visit the sled, the sled and something
which damages the sea and penalizes the zebra
the can where my ear shoes won't
was an office u punished
leader, stick it in her eye
your neck isnt a leadership stick my ear
is in his not speak for hours
i never have stopped the rain which is mind
are your ears bleeding?
you had a zebra right now
he stuck my field in your rice
your ear hurt, you heard me on the moon
let 'em rain on his parade
you wish you would come visit my field
your rice, the red sea, sea lower zebra
the morning bleeding on the can of the sea
on the moon your pixels jump
its the sea feeling the rain being mental
crimson sea of crisis, now he is toopick
her central committee of zebra reduction matters
u must fly with your radiator
the moon behind your shoes
u must steal the radiator
u feel your pixels popping
come visit my face
the sea cucumbers are not cute
the united states sounds plunk
my ear wounded the sea
it judges being a meadow
i was rain in her eye
it's wild and it isn't always a crisis
our moon target is over and under yours
the moon cut your teeth on peaks
the playground, the sea, the neck

donna kuhn 2006

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