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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Charcoal Snicker (with Lena Kuhn)


blind bored bright broken
carrots change, ducks are luminous
bored broken considered destroyed
fall freezes, when where

china white ducks, carrots are everything
the day is blind because it exercises and tilts
the nipple, i differ, im bored, i wait

the rain thinks its dumb
differ around the shore of the bored
god is at his ranch

god is bleeding
i differ, i am large
i have fallen

i differ, i am a batch
anything's wrong and i row u darling
broken him thinks about mumbled you

it becomes no political shampoo
im painting everything
the rain was white

it was a clock, white for the face he tilts
forgive her, you could forgive her
being without and dressing you darling

my hot wool is everything
he is a large nosebleed
china imagines her dumb eye

imagine you started sniffing
vebbie china i mumbled
cross-eyed cross-eyed
forgive her japan

donna kuhn 2006


Jesse said...

i love your work here..

Donna Kuhn said...

thank u, jesse