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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Don't Fix A Word ( click here to see video)


you can't understand girl, you're living in a man's world
holy frying pan, batman
it means everything
she watched that shit burn
the next arrow will pierce your heart
there is something peculiar about mumbai
my heart bleeds everyday it rains
fall is not nearly as vicious

lives in the saint stove in the world of man
my heart bleeds daily
it almost rains the fall
the fall is not

get tired of the world
my heart will perforate
u act like a frying pan
the queen bleeds drive-ins
u can't understand the world

my rain is never rain
bleeding like a shark is good
holy memory frying pan

she's a fact of crystal slab
a man bleeds cat years

it rains and falls

donna kuhn 2006


Anonymous said...

I don't fix a word
I don't fix a thing
the word of god tangled in my hair
great poem, donna.

"i am moving somewhere out
beyond breath control"

Anonymous said...

the video although i can't say God could get tangled in anything was freak-awesome! will be back FOR more

the poem is great.

Donna Kuhn said...

i scrolled farther down on your profile and noticed you're part of taking the brim, how do u join that?

Anonymous said...

the site's curator emailed me one day. said he saw me linked on Anatomy of a Girl. He needs to know about you. I'll contact him.

Anonymous said...
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