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Monday, August 03, 2009

u still know u were there

the world did not seem different and sour, sorry

i realize your world did not send postings

did not have a female, it seems potent

it frankly detested parts of you

i'm a spouse, an emotional field

physical wall bets are not sequential

in love, try to flow in a woman's feelings

would you seem to hear a man

the economic purpose

once for a woman's


i'm surprised constantly by tethers

beautifully in a way (such as a man)

i had little understanding things were

a female, but what would be more intimate

accept much more intimate, if your eyes

this is the elusive, if you're accepting

how this would be interesting for your

poem transcends that is different

the world did not

our world did not

constantly a man, i had little

what would be more, your eyes

this is different

for your poem is sorry i realize

the way it is sour

feeling a physical wall

i am always surprised

beautifully by

a wall sequence of love

stream and woman's attempt

economical woman, u are very

possibly inquired about

schedule the love, flood and woman

narcotic always surprisedly

i am an equal on lavendar hill

your world is lavendar

the need to be speaking

two directions

two directions

sour feeling again

sour sorry

not so subtle, everything is fucked

make sense, you

what would my purpose or porpoise

door opens, that is true

poem of flood and woman

surprised beautifully by

i'm sorry i was exciting

economical woman i worshipped

i'm trying much more than your

theories as an excuse to have

control over it, pisses reinforcement

i accept and resent me for sending this

u still know u were there

uplifts your world

pushed buttons make sense

find a woman's pushed buttons

yours, it makes u know that u

would often spout

huge your eyes

this is marriage?

not so subtle though

well then.....................

well dwells in there

sorry but your poem

transcends your health

an emotional wall or man?

if u were pregnant fundamental

christians would love u

unlock your poem

a man is more than my worldly path

love and amplify that feeling and economically a door opens

the word makes sense, the word makes sense, thousands of

years, throw things for me, rational thought is much more

intimate, hear a woman around, i felt your eyes

emotional equal before your eyes, you belong, love, i expect

hmmm.......this has been hard to accept

control the language, right when i write

kept as a man, a man, how

thursday my experience correlates

a way that uplifts a man even if she had little understanding

different dimensions never felt and do everything in return

it's wayward to be too positive, be concerned, try to level

be concerned for the subtle and it seems like your survival

and the world seems like bad behavior and the world

seems to hear a woman's not our world, did my experience


my not

constantly a man, was sending that matter up

and god no wonder you're feeling it if you're

accepting how aggressive i haven't the emotional

field, the unconscious mind is not very uncommon

to flow there in love, spread their sperm, detest

my departure

that feeling so high!

we hate things

things were a female


destroy it

my departure seems potent, frankly

it does not seem different

would when i write a spouse

however to imagine a potential

difference, it upset me too

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