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Thursday, September 10, 2009

then a hall with some birds

i will want to come back here

a couple of birds, a closed

medical building

a chance; you want it, it's lost

in order to escape from you

i can't see you in a forward


then a hall with some birds

another angle of money

memory; she will develop

herself, then a corridor

some birds; i didn't tell u

to live? leather jackets

winter snows

i am going to get there

although i think i have

to get there

i still want to marry colorado

for strange reasons; she grew

up with birds

order birds; at 2:19 pm i couldn't

afford to live in art; i am glad to

hear i don't blame birds; i never

escape her mind.

1 comment:

Phil the Elder said...

I love your art and sensibilities. I am still trying to absorb it all as it is a criss cross of my cultural sojourneys...

Phil from Gunnison