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Monday, October 31, 2005

Neon Face


200 bagpipes at the trial of a banana
i need to guard my room
to lure musicians

with cardboard drawers of art
im with my remaining gangster
on the balcony

a cloud records an american lizard

a barracuda is annoying, i cover my mouth
im new to online dating

would u like grandpa active?
lucid lizards of cardboard
praise the fog

hothouse lodging is a place for a heat sandal hostage

his policy in cardboard country was emotional
realistic lizards are without a dog to involve god

the manager of the coffeehouse is housebroken

the center of nagasaki is corrosive lodging
that phones part of the eye, u tell me

she guarantees the banal floor dreamt of u
a yellow boat, a basement of prisoners
a building is quiet

with a grain to smash fish with basil, get out
theres too many people, a tropical room
in a cloud

the sun was bald and lacking housing

i wondered whose head was a fish sun
u were, its annoying with ballads
who u were, a story

im clearly loved, housebroken or plastic

nagasaki takes, its better than nagasaki do that
paper lodging, he lives a story that roars home

nagasaki is a place he lives, i explain to a shack

as a result, be thoughtless to burn inconspicuous
the awesome incipient with 200 lizards
with surgical incontinence

the imposter incited, the action bothered
based on facts steadily and hard
like writing the self

u show up as the assistant manager of infinite failure of the sun by choice

invulnerable in what manner
he lives a story
not a praise to god

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Disturb the Peace TV/Angry Women

click here

A collaborative web installation exploring visual portraits of women and anger, curated by Jess Loseby



friendly words to honor by, such as sally
sirree siree after yes or no, sit up syrup
without sis in her sitz bath

six sex one more sister has a six-pack
revolver nun, intuitive power of the wife
60 thru 69 rolls uphill

a stone which always rolled down again
how much space it occupies
bird dimensions, the judge

take a seat, sit in, on, sit up, sit erect
to attend paper and cloth
judgement lightly on him

to fill, stiffen, glaze with size
going to be, to become suddenly alert
india sizzles, jesus skates down the street

leave voluntarily, skedaddle sitting duck
dried up the hard circumstances
against the current of a stream

immediate action uptown
organs that secrete mountains
cities serve hot coffee

like a bear specialist
smooth patches of housing
clearance and construction

we hedgehog, boy
the blood is a toxic
and established practice

Saturday, October 29, 2005



snake woman stake woman, i cant see with my inner eyes
snake woman stake woman, i can see with my inner eyes
snake woman, stake woman, i cant hear u
snake woman stake woman, i can hear u

jew, arab, cover your head; your lost children are my lost children
we are all the same, cover your head and cry at the graves
of your children

snake woman, i have eyes in the back of my hand
i slither on the floor with my knowledge
i slither on the floor with my power
i slither on the floor with my strength
i stay on the floor so i can hear the earth

i can breathe, i can see, i can hear what you're telling me
thank u for setting me free, cover your head
no one steals what's inside u

no one can see your inner eyes
cover the heads of your children
the earth floor knows my strength
the floor is my hand

i have eyes and cry at the graves all the same
lost children, cover your heads
hear u hear with my inner eyes
inside u with my inner eyes

Friday, October 28, 2005



cats can be the shape of iron
fatigue is an extreme face
a cap is silly to reduce fever

a boat for the foolish

to make weakness productive
pertaining to female warmth

felt hat feminism
tough grass
fed up


to be low marshy danger
the boundary flowers
to go after
and return with feasible
covering of birds

featherweight happiness
prevent in escape

⁃ the heavens from a fire blemish
⁃ to wince from the sky
⁃ flawless to be pain
⁃ first, to be a/head of flamingo
⁃ defect fling
⁃ toss all others wading bird
⁃ throw first aid
⁃ linseed oil suddenly fish
⁃ wool fabric flirt
⁃ to make suspicious

the 1920's
used good overtures
2. 1.a woman fishy, suspicious
3. to blaze with fleck
4. a narrow flare-up
A. sudden bird water
B. a crack in a rock outburst
C. to burst into fleece

• the wool animals
• hand bright fire
• covering a sheep floe
a large mass of health
competent flashback
a number of flog
beat hard with past events
ship a whip
a tissue of the flood

an overflow of numbers
equal to 4+1
tastelessly floodlight
artificial light fixation
to contract a flop

bendable flop house
run down flag

hotel country

flatter flick
computer data intestines
unsteadily flora

flatware eating a specific region
notorious evil utensils take flight

flower flak
covered with fire flowers
distinctive flim-flam

a seller of surface taste
hoax flame

defect or taste between teeth

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Looking Out


when u look like a support catalogue, take away the table
let down the hollow ware, soak the wordless intake

brad had a thumbtack to take on, seizure is mangy
undiplomatic grip, clumsy tweezers, polliwog take

procure verse rump, take the tailor, pounce the maker
gate oneself, the spokesman impressed a mouthpiece

conversationalist wrench, bleed table, drawl removal
trap a chant, harp on a tattler, his genius was in a buttonhole

harangue ability, jaw hint, chit chat burble, the conference improvised
parley panel whisper, teary teeth weeping, milk teeth, buckteeth

teasing abstinence, hector thought about transference
spirit technical, occupational trance, the boredom was poky

a phone abounds, reel for information, tenth cashier
bad clingy, keep within reason, emotions tend to

take care of your mind, biased temple liking the tempo
for the moment, softhearted pity, unstring the ordeal

wigwam empiricism, lukewarm true-false test
oral test, orals, rabbit test, dick test, man test

make a word run, quiz terrace, throw out the lawn
a feeler, send up a pilot, feel the pulse, see how

the building lands, probational world, panic testament
yardstick ovation, acid test, severe test, baptism of fire.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

You're Breeezy and How


violence was gleaming, god was being excited
to give livestock and a beached advance

in advance, a nautical give help to be an idea later
to be floating, walking, tangled christmas word

to purify an antenna, an oval nut, not quite
the money was poor, the llama was long by the mountain

composed of star, pie cream warning of buzzer
a large person with whiteness of hair

a book for etc, a white of, to entertain one sort of river
being very along with as added to, out of order

to punish united states, a native purple being
the height of low female, the selfless others

a male school forever, a person full of a person
the ancient system of unwilling, shaky glancing

a chain of hills to make laughable
the joints are very with horns

shrub with a garden having edible word
wealth of corn, irregular train; orbit, ponder

income as sound, to leave suddenly, to behead
to lead into velocity, deterioration caffeine

the refusal to request strong jeans
stern drain pipe to tremble the land

almost easy to do, weep deeply not
the society of short-knitted foot

motto slant upward, to insult notes in music
melting snow sneaky, to be wonderful

to destroy something, the cylinder was eating
a utensil occasionally physical rules

one who observes the band being highly faucet
worldly subtle, very dirty, to find the only

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fish Bird, by Donna and Lena Kuhn


girl friday habitual, not tired, lively
cool and friendly not hostile
said of wind, not salt said of water

because of melting snow
sudden beginner, terrible
to gnaw, wear or rub

sexually any of the ridges
said of woman on the fingerboard
frigidly of banjo

fret the polar circles and poles
cheap gaudy brother of frisbee
a member of certain religious

cookie jars, cut up and fry meat
such a disk cut into pieces
and stewed

a thick pile of friction loops
touch the netherlands on friday
frisk a manic goddess

the sixth day to frolic, to search
become very cold to be damaged
political liberty killed by cold

a free spender, frank
arbitrary power freeze out
to become covered with freeness

dry as a theater ticket
freed from slavery, making ice cream
a parachutist in fremont

disorganized french people
actor made of vinegar
to become covered with ice

Monday, October 24, 2005



i'll look for u horizontally in the mountains
its a long reach to the sea
when u reach the citys papers
the incision, the beret

my long music in the desert, be in there
with your gown, with your pockets
jesus christ flies off with his words

in the seamstress hair, she tumbles in the zoo
he acts like a forefinger with his timber music
a righteous thing

commerce the horizon in your pockets

retractable gangster theology
u sound like u come to any

landscape venomous
she saves your pocket cubes

fire like a needle like a domniplex
theology takes, it'll be there pristine

i'll look for u in grandfathers economy
i've been this courteous before

it doesnt take the town, your hands
are looking for someone, u'll be steroids
i buried my son

when i wasnt looking, comes
and u were venomous, youre mad
and u take shakespeares fire, take me there

shakespeare sends u air with your paper gangster hands

forefinger mind cubes in your stems
dont mind some birds are like youre mad

in your stepsisters process
seamstress u economy she devours

when lulu needed the trees

Sunday, October 23, 2005



desire the shape of the single-edge of awful
unpleasant baa, chatter back to someone
and reply with the rump

make holes in the leather back of a pig
something leaves the fish sun on that holds

the hair in place, one person is moody

monopoly of moose
temporary warning in the wind
roadside morning

conservative pieces of united con/science

consistency a mature snug
to name crustaceans milk
without the act of the face

closely cold countess, wife of the skull
turn a creep, the land of increasing

tropical reptiles in the moon curve
face danger mountain moon

sword of awe, talk for a short babble

senselessly work an infant, monkey family
baby, the line around a bachelor, related
to bacteria, maid in india, banjo, bank bulge

bassinet feast a tree, a structure strike
continuously; moon, the earths only morphine

wings pause, human or animals, small green monkey

a sexual relationship with paper
thrown in the blood, a female craze
a lawyer warm and completely folding

or pressing a crime, imitate or copy
tart red berries, unit, count crank

a device to a shaft, slow pace, gradually volcano crescent

desire the shape of
without courage
fear craving an intense.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fed With A Heart


to irritate a flowing gown, the edge of a robot
circular device resembling mans rind
sound of rock; a circus performance bites into space

curl firecracker rink, smooth area for rodent mammal
skating such as a rat, to wash lightly at the rodeo
public cowboy skills, a dishonest ripple

to form small person waves, take the come active, appear
a religious act loves a love affair with a head for joining
a roommate, one whose mental pants shares a room

to wander roomy, spacious rooster, the male of roar
to howl the domestic chicken which is below the earth
parch foundation, the cord of someones posessions

a womans long series of prayers, the trash was plump
a cosmetic for ruby, to regret and have sleep
from person bursting or breaking another

who spreads malicious country life
cruel run-around, evasive rx
to be leaping the mouth joke around

a homless weight, child, a whole contradict
range of anything, male goose moving on foot
a festive criminal gang, sea bird galaxy

to open stars mouth wide, meteor of elongated fish
a wreath of gallop, horse gait flowers
a military gamble, hold a stocking in place

for the policemens gas gene
the general practitioner gasped
long glove genie, the genitals gawk

sexual organs stare stupidly, genius is gay
merry intellectual ability, man of radiation
down on one knee, a game be calm bird

Friday, October 21, 2005


jesus lives in australia and he is breathing or a stepladder
love stings back in your former firm things

jesus loves to burn around and divorce the cholesterol abyss steroid
someone goes in and around and dont mind if i splash in your star

in your stowed foot, so shakespeare says realistic love is in your hand
and its diverse but how i say if love stings, their hands are in berlin

if love is a dog, an electric weird troublemaker sock
the pool is a troubadour; jesus is in australia with his scallions

without fingers in the sun; go dark ugly lizards i say
eyes without a dog in the paint, the pancake people burn jesus' fingers

in the annoying fog, love found your clothes and architectural pancakes
an ionosphere is moderately funnel-shaped and righteous

strange literary work, their circle is disturbing
christ acts like he's destitute and she disappears

with your goose legend and the mountains are an institute
she disappears cringing in my head like red berries

the thought in my head is still an institute for unfeeling mountains
she's pinching an ion goose, in your eyes she likes fabric

your goose legend speaks like a houseguest and harrases you
sexually, u act like a face in the ionospheres' hot goose legend

Thursday, October 20, 2005


aardvark is a browser based bug tracking system
aardvark is watching u, aardvark is ready for war
aardvark is south dutch, aardvark is its teeth
aardvark is highly fascinating

aardvark is a hairy, aardvark is a solitary
aardvark is ideal, found in grassy plains
aardvark is responsible for all the graphics
found here at the hole in the ground

aardvark is now taking orders
aardvark is breaking new ground
aardvark is cautious
aardvark is most appropriate for you

aardvark is the open bug eater
aardvark is a directory and not
a true search engine
aardvark is a website

aardvark is the single most popular
source of news, aardvark is independent
aardvark is a mammal of order
aardvark is 6 feet long

aardvark is a comic, aardvark is an indexed
document reader, aardvark is not on the field
aardvark is not one of your typical backpackers
aardvark is shy, aardvark is on your left

after about one minute, aardvark is a leading
independent self storage company
aardvark is a mid, aardvark is connected
to the following things

aardvark is highly regarded in the audio industry
aardvark is an irrascible creature, aardvark is not
renowned for its speed, aardvark is secretly spooked
of halloween, aardvark is a free graphics library

aardvark is required, aardvark is called the earthpig
aardvark is a shop in antwerpen, aardvark is a theatre collective
aardvark is a prototype browser, aardvark is a prototype visualization
aardvark is able to let the music speak for itself

aardvark is the manufacturer of the some of the finest
digital audio products around, aardvark is running on tracks
which make it more suitable for clearance during
the rainy season